TIABD – Today is a bad day

TIABD – Today is a bad day


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After several years of attempts, Alex, a young scriptwriter, is about to make his dream come true: bring one of his stories on the big screen. A well-known producer though thinks his screenplay is not in line with the market. Preferring to invest in endearing characters and in themes wellknown to the public, he asks Alex to come back with something easier to sell…

Author’s notes
Any profit from this platform will be donated to support AIRC and other projects actively involved in the cause of cancer. Francesco, one of our actors, worked hard for this short-film but didn’t manage to see the results of his commitment and dedication… We dedicate this project to him.


Direction: Samuele P. Perrotta
Subject: Mattia Serrago
Editing: Sebastiano Rizzato e Samuele Picarelli Perrotta
Original soundtrack: Fabrizio Peccerillo, Franco Ghirimoldi e Pietro Vicentini
Cinematography: Sebastiano Rizzato e Marco Traverso
Production: Samuele Picarelli Perrotta, Ergasterio
Idioma: Italian
Duración: 15 minutes


Film festivals

- Miglior Cortometraggio, Giovani Autori - Gioiosa in Corto
- Premio del pubblico - Gioiosa in Corto
- Official Selection - Los Angeles Cinefest
- Official Selection - Foggia Film Festival
- Official Selection - IIUSFF
- Official Selection – Roma Cinemadoc
- Official Selection – Duemila30 International short film festival
- Honourable Mention - Asia South East Film Festival
- Fuori Concorso - Festival del cinema povero di Ispra
- Fuori Concorso - FMK, Pordenone International Short FF